Campos Translation

Rachel Campos

I have been passionate about other languages and cultures ever since I can remember and have spent different periods living and working in other countries.

I spent three years in Portugal, working with tourists and then teaching English to local adults and children.
I set up an NGO in Brazil which has been working for 25 years with disadvantaged children and families. I am the main mediator between the Brazilian charity and its UK supporters and support group. I spent over 10 years in Brazil running the charity in a very poor area, which prepared me well for understanding Brazilian Portuguese and relating to all levels of Brazilian society.

I have also spent time in Costa Rica to consolidate my understanding of Spanish. Costa Rica is a beautiful country, and the people remind me of the Brazilians – so friendly and welcoming.

In 2013, I completed an MA in Translation to consolidate my experience and qualifications. This was my springboard into becoming a full-time translator. Since then, I have worked on a wide range of texts and media, including my specialist areas, and have provided my clients with quality, accurate and fluent translations.

I spend a lot of time translating certificates and academic transcripts, but I also love to translate creative texts and enjoy making them really work in English without losing any of the original flavour and meaning. The environment and sustainability are areas I have sought to concentrate on in particular, but this whole area is vast and multi-faceted, and can range all the way from subjects as employee feedback and surveying right through to human rights, such as those of the indigenous people.

I believe my own varied life experience means I can work with a broad range of texts and be comfortable with many different subject areas.

I would love to hear from you and you can be assured of a quick response and a quick turnaround of your documents, transcripts and subtitles.

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View from charity safe house
Me and my lovely young friends in Brazil
Using our van to bring food to the community