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I’m currently situated on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 🇧🇷, in a disadvantaged neighborhood known as Nossa Senhora de Fátima. I’ve been familiar with this area for over 30 years. Despite economic challenges, the residents are incredibly welcoming and joyful. Unfortunately, the children and young adults here face limited opportunities compared to those in more affluent areas. While their school does its best with limited resources, numerous obstacles hinder the quality of education they rightfully deserve.

To contribute to the community’s betterment, I’m volunteering with Projeto Bom Pastor throughout the month of October. I’ve developed an intensive spoken English course 📚 tailored to young people aged 15-17 at a specific school. Over the course of four days, my colleague and I are helping these young individuals learn how to ask and answer specific questions about themselves in English. On the fifth day, each student has the unique opportunity to engage in a conversation with someone from the UK via Zoom.

The result? 😄 The first group emerged from their video conversation lessons beaming from ear to ear. It was truly heartwarming to witness their happiness and excitement at being able to converse in English, a skill they’ve been diligently working on. Witnessing their joy reminds me of the privilege I have had in meeting these remarkable young people who are so eager to put in the effort to shape their own future. ❤️

#EducationForAll #BrighterFutures #MakingADifference

EducationForAll #BrighterFutures #MakingADifference

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