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How Do You Define a Good Translator?

A good translator is a rare commodity in our competitive and multicultural world. The global community has become a global marketplace where goods, services and people of different races and cultures interact.

This competition has resulted in numerous multinational companies seeking efficient translators to ensure smooth communication between their various branches located all over the world. While some of these companies hire a native or a non-native translator, others prefer to hire professionals who are fluent in two or more languages, like Spanish and Portuguese, for example.

So, how do you decide how to choose the best translator for your project? There are a few factors that we will explore below:

Experience: There are several levels of expertise. You need to consider the level of experience that the translator has when selecting them for your project. If they have worked for a good period of time in translation, they will have broad experience and thus may well be a good choice to translate your document or product.

On the other hand, you also need to find out about their expertise in a particular topic. If your topic is quite specialised, it is good to find out how much they know of the particular specialist terminology used in that area, ensuring that they have the appropriate skill and knowledge to translate your documents.

Language Ability: When speaking of different languages, the professionals that you need to hire should be able to both speak and write in the languages you are translating from. Being fluent in more than one language is an added advantage and is highly valued by most corporate bodies today. But remember, a professional translator will only translate into their native language, because this is the language in which they will write most fluently. So, they should be proficient in the language you are translating from, but also have a high level of proficiency and fluency in their native language, so that their translation reads like a piece that was written in the language they have translated into.

Membership of a Professional Body: In the UK, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the Chartered Institute of Linguists set the benchmark for good translating. Full members of both bodies will have a professional qualification such as an MA in Translation or a Diploma in Translation. You can never go wrong if you hire translators who are qualified, skilled and familiar with the subject matter they are translating. Their performance will always leave a positive mark in your mind.

In a nutshell,… Experience, language ability, qualifications – keep these in mind when you’re looking for a translator. This way, you can avoid wasting your valuable time on unqualified candidates and ensure your important subject matter is faithfully and fluently translated into English.

If you’ve got a project that you need translating fromSpanish or Portuguese into English, contact Rachel Campos today on 07758 879242, visit my websiste at www.rachelcampos.ukor email

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